Claudio Faria

Claudio Faria is the driving force behind Ornare’s extraordinary growth, serving as an outstanding leader with a distinct vision for the future. His enthusiasm for both design and sustainability has been key in sustaining the brand’s ongoing success. Through his steadfast focus on innovation and his deep commitment to ethical standards, Claudio has helped establish Ornare as a pioneering name in the luxury design sector.

Claudio Faria

Established in São Paulo in 1986, Ornare has, over the past 37 years, carved out a distinct niche for itself as a leader in fine craftsmanship and superior design. Under the expert direction of Claudio Faria, the brand has evolved beyond just manufacturing furniture, setting industry standards by creating artistic masterpieces that epitomize both quality and elegance.

Claudio Faria and Ornare exemplify the harmonious relationship between high-end luxury and ethical responsibility. Over its more than 30-year history, the brand has consistently been at the forefront of innovation and design, while simultaneously emphasizing sustainability and ethical operations.

For individuals seeking furniture that is both luxurious and environmentally conscious, Ornare provides an unparalleled option. Guided by Claudio Faria’s leadership, the brand specializes in turning living spaces into both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional environments.

Claudio Faria

A Visionary Leader: Claudio Faria at the Helm of Ornare

Claudio Faria is not just the exceptional leader propelling Ornare’s meteoric rise; he is a visionary with a unique perspective that has its roots in his upbringing in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Growing up there gave him a foundational love and appreciation for design, which continues to fuel his passion today. Under his guidance, Ornare has flourished, striking a perfect balance between classic and contemporary aesthetics—a blend he is particularly fond of. His unflagging commitment to innovation and a keen sense of ethical responsibility have solidified Ornare’s reputation as a trailblazer in the luxury design world.

Design Preferences: The Aesthetic Signature

When asked about his own design preferences, Claudio highlighted his love for paneled walls, noting that they offer depth and aesthetic cohesion to any space. On the flip side, he’s not a fan of the excessive use of gloss, preferring instead to balance sleek designs with natural materials. When faced with the choice between wallpaper and paint, his answer is unequivocal: Panels! And while he appreciates antique pieces, his heart lies with contemporary design.

Timeless Moments and Practical Insights

Claudio holds a special reverence for Brazilian modernist furniture and architecture, considering them timeless design elements that will never go out of style. For those looking to make a significant impact on a project without breaking the bank, he advises focusing on custom cabinetry that considers the home in its entirety, not just isolated rooms.

The Client-Designer Partnership

If there’s one thing Claudio wishes more clients understood, it’s the importance of the holistic design process. This includes not just the visual elements but also tailoring spaces to meet individual needs and lifestyles. His goal is for clients to understand that good design is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about creating functional spaces that enhance everyday life.

By merging his Brazilian heritage, his own stylistic preferences, and a robust approach to innovation and ethics, Claudio Faria has carved out a unique niche for Ornare in the competitive landscape of luxury design.

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