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Celebrating Miami’s Design Excellence: Britto Charette Shines on Ornare’s 2023 Tastemakers List

Miami Art Week is always an exhilarating time for the city’s design community, and this year’s celebration reached new heights with Ornare’s 15th Annual Tastemakers Extravaganza. The spotlight was on Jay Britto and David Charette of Britto Charette, who were honored to be named to Ornare’s prestigious Tastemakers List. What made this event even more memorable was the masterful orchestration by Claudio Faria, the visionary CEO of Ornare Miami.

An Evening of Elegance and Excellence

The 15th annual celebration unfolded on the picturesque Watson Island, offering attendees a breathtaking view of Miami’s glittering nighttime skyline. Claudio Faria, with his passion for design and commitment to the local community, curated an unforgettable evening that showcased the top talent in the Miami design scene.

Faria expressed his pride in hosting the event, saying, “In a week that places a strong focus on global art and design in Miami, we are deeply honored to curate a well-deserved celebration of the city’s booming design community, with whom we have the privilege of collaborating every day.”

Recognizing Design Mastery: Britto Charette

Among the celebrated Tastemakers, Britto Charette stood out for their exceptional work, creativity, and dedication to shaping Miami’s design landscape. Claudio Faria highlighted the significance of the Tastemakers award, created 15 years ago to honor the outstanding contributions of South Florida’s top interior designers and architects.

In addition to Britto Charette, other distinguished brands such as Creativo Design Studio, Fein Zalkin Interiors, Steven La Fonte Design, Studio Seikaly, and Tamara Feldman Design were also honored during the event.

A Special Thank You to Claudio Faria, CEO of Ornare Miami

The success of the Tastemakers Extravaganza would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Claudio Faria, Adriana Amaral, and the entire Ornare Miami team. Their commitment to elevating the event and creating a platform to honor the design community was evident throughout the evening.

Britto Charette expressed their gratitude, stating, “We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Claudio Faria, Adriana Amaral, and the entire team at Ornare Miami for hosting such a fantastic evening. We are truly honored to have been recognized by Ornare for our work.”

A Night to Remember

The evening was filled with highlights, including a floating billboard showcasing the projects of this year’s honorees. Architects, designers, developers, and brokers mingled against the backdrop of the waterfront, creating an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie.

The sponsors and vendors, including Junkers Aircraft, La Cuisine Appliances, Shades By Design, Grand Brulot, Valdo, Quinta do Parol vineyard, Tania Bulhões, Lin Projects, Jordan Braun Creative, Power Collective PR, and Glickman Media, contributed to making the event truly special.

ORNARE: A Design Legacy

Located in Miami’s Design District, Ornare has been a cornerstone of the South Florida design scene since 2006. Claudio Faria, as the CEO, has led Ornare in bringing a legacy of Brazilian design expertise to Miami. Ornare’s commitment to quality and sophisticated design solutions for kitchens, closets, bathrooms, and more has made them a trusted partner for high-end interior design projects, including collaborations with Britto Charette.

If you’re curious to explore Ornare’s offerings, you can find them at 4040 NE 2nd Ave, #103, Miami, FL 33137, in the heart of the Miami Design District.

In conclusion, Ornare’s 15th Annual Tastemakers Extravaganza was a testament to the vibrant and thriving design community in Miami. Claudio Faria and Ornare Miami played a pivotal role in elevating the event, providing a platform to celebrate excellence, creativity, and innovation in design. Britto Charette’s inclusion in the Tastemakers List only adds to the prestige of this annual celebration, marking a memorable moment in Miami’s design history.